The Dragonlady has gone Between

Author of Pern dies at 85.

Anne McCaffrey, writer of the beloved Pern Series has passed Nov. 22, 2011.
We will miss her. Her stories will forever be in our hearts.




Gone Between

My dear Alonzo gone forever between.

He was the most loyal companion ever to roam the world with me. He lived a fruitful life.
Alonzo, I will miss you.


New Hatchlings

Blindy gave birth. But only two survived. One brown and one blue. The rest were eaten by thread.


A long trail with some tails

Journeying on an ox cart to remote places is not a piece of cake. Sure, it's an adventure but tell me that again when Thread falls! Not a pretty picture.
My ox cart is lined with metal but my ox is not! I have to shelter in caves during Threadfall. It's so hard to count the schedules. It wasn't so accurate. Thank AIVAS it is now. From the Yokohama, they can detect where and when the Thread Ovums fall.
Now, moving along with my cart are five mischievous critters. Alonzo is my scout and guard-lizard. Peppi is my official bum. He's adorable, though. He also disposes of things for me. The only place he knows to go to is Harpers Hall and the ox cart.
Blindy dropped off her batch of litters. Muning, Burburry and Domino.
Muning is an trouble-making brown. Burburry is a lovable green and Domino is a large gold. Strangely large considering her mother is so small. I am still wondering who the father is!
Domino does not hang with the crew as often as Muning and Burburry. It is actually Aki's blue Oliver who lags along with us, hoping to get food.
So, I am with five at a time.
Most people get jealous. Some went to higher up Masters telling them I had five when Harpers Hall told me to hand over the eggs. Well, I tell them only two looks to me. Two are strays and one is a hanger-on.



How do the people of Pern get rid of their garbage?

I guess in the Weyrs, the weyrlings are tasked to go between and drop the junk. What about the holds and crafts?

It occurred to me that while the original people of Pern settled and wanted to create their perfect Utopia, their mirror of Medieval will eventually resemble Earth's Medieval world: Dirty and Stinky!

That is why I have devised a scheme that would help the Holds and Craft Halls: Live Disposal Units.

Yup. For those who don't have Fire Lizards, you may have to hire your neighbor's Fire Lizard for this. We take your garbage and dump it between. Problem gone!
Alonzo, Peppi, Oliver and I will be there to assist ans instruct you! :-)

Oh! Blindy's hatchlings are cute! Only three managed to live but they are healthy. Domino is a big gold but she flew and turned wild. Occasionally, she stops by for food. Burberry is only a green but is very affectionate.
Muning is a healthy brown and has the biggest eyes in his small little head. I think these two are a keeper! Addition to my fair of noisy, greedy dragonets!


Can't Think of Anything to Write...


Things So Far...

Alonzo is out having an adventure with Earl.

Blindy is nursing her eggs with my sis, Diki Mar. She and Blindy are making sure these three eggs hatch and possibly get good handlers. She won't give me one for the Harpers Hall. Don't blame her. Blindy has one eye only. Hopefully, she won't carry these traits to her hatchlings. If they did, nobody will love them as much as Diki Mar.

Aki Ria's Oliver is still hanging with me. He's a permanent fixture to my dining set.


The Story of Peppi

Peppi, or formally as Pepper, is my brown fire-lizard. My Alonzo is not only my scout and companion, he is also my living garbage disposal and egg collector. Wherry eggs for food and trade and fire-lizard eggs to sell and give to Harpers Hall. There is always a demand for these critters ever since F'nor impressed his. Years later, the fad is what tricks can yours do or what fashionable collars they wear.
So, as the MasterHarper, Sebell has tasked all journeyman/women to hand over eggs. Being an underpaid Harper, I take half back to the hall and half to the market. I have to journey, circulate the HarperHall Edicts, messages and new music, you know.

One faithful day in the coasts of Ista, Alonzo has brought the newly hatched Peppi. He was blotchy dark and light and spicy smelling so I called him Pepper then it kinda evolved to Peppi as the days gone by. First, I panicked! I took care of Alonzo with my sisters. Now, this little brown is keeling and thrashing about. It's wings were broken. I had a job to do and there was a fire-lizard wanting my attention. So, my lovable Alonzo took the time to feed, nurse and teach him. I'm glad it worked out.
Now, I have two official Fire-Lizards and three trailing around me. Earl is always close by, popping in and out, to see if I can spare him some food. Blindy hangs out too. My sis sends her to me. Oliver, my other sis' fire-lizard always hangs around too just for the food. My nerdy sis at Landing is clearly not taking care of him. These lizards needs some time to bond with their owners and share some brain juice! This blue could sure use some.

oh, Blindy gave birth to three little eggs last week!


Summer Sand and Sun Protection

The time of summer is here. Sun! Sand! Warm!
Warm but the heat of the sun is worse. You can't go between with a sunburn. It would get infected or worse. Light weight covering is always the best protection.

Speaking of Summer, it's the time of the Fire-Lizard mating! My poor baby Alonzo is out and about looking for some golds and greens.
Aki's little Oliver had reached a year now and is mature enough to hear a mating call. Poor Oliver. His tummy is too big and it makes him slow. He barely even flies.
He's not having a hard time flying after greens. But then what blue can? Greens at this part of Pern are fast. They are even faster in the South.
I think I need to find a trained green for him. Poor blue.




With my Lizard


Fighting Thread

Wheel and turn or bleed and burn
Fly between blue and green
Soar, dive, down,
Bronze and brown
Dragonmen must fly
When threads are in the sky.


Golden Egg of Faranth

By the Golden Egg of Faranth
By the Weyrwoman wise and true,
Breed a flight of Bronze and Brown Wing,
Breed a flight of Green and Blue.
Breed Riders, strong and daring,
Dragon-loving, born as hatched
Flight of hundred soaring skywards,
Man and Dragon fully matched.